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"EZplot is an excellent add-in software for Excel.  As an experienced powertrain engineer, I have used many bespoke and expensive contour and multi-Y axis software.  EZplot offers all of the these software’s functionality at a fraction of the cost with excellent fast support."
Gary Hooper

"I became addicted to Office Expander's EZplot and I must say that it will be impossible for me to do without it."
Dr. Andrea Lapiccirella

"I appreciate the EZPlot software for its ability to create multiple y-axes graphs. I produce cancer therapeutics and this software helps me analyze and present my data in a quick and easy to read format."
Associate in Pharmaceutical Industry

"My experience with EZplot has been very positive. It has proven to be a quick, easy and efficient way to create a great variety of plots in a matter of seconds. I am very pleased with the Multiple Y Axes Program in particular; this application finally makes it possible for me to create plots with multiple y axes in Excel. In many other ways EZplot expands and improves our experience with the software by adding in options and possibilities which were originally not integrated or available, yet are indispensable or simply useful to many."
R. Peeters (UCLL)

“Needing to extend the plotting capabilities of Excel I discovered EZplot and this provided the additional functionality I required in a simple add-in.  Support from the Office Expander staff has been excellent”
G. Cox
Principal Engineer

“Without the EZplot add-in software for Excel, we would not be able to create the multiple y-axes graphs that we need in our business. We have a lot of data coming from our equipment that we need to analyze and present in a orderly manner. EZplot is perfect for this and we highly reccomend this product! The support from the Office Expander team has been outstanding!”
Construction Engineer

“I have been a user of both the "EZPlot" and "Insert Pdf" add on programs for almost 10+y. I typically am looking at data sets ~1000+ rows by >20columns. The EZPlot add on for XL has made visualization of this data a less painful experience. Both are useful tools to have. What is notable more than the software, is the tremendous support I have received from Richard at Office Expander. ”
I Jameel

“EZplot for Excel, is the best Add-ins for Excel you can choose, in seconds you can create the Plots you need, and you can change setup, legend, title, etc. on multiple plots, from one page. EZplot for Excel, has save me and the company I am working for, for a lot of time, and time is equal to money. ”
Tommy Nielsen
"At BluSky Restoration Contractors, LLC, we developed a Microsoft Word-based sales proposal template and were looking for a solution that would allow our salesforce to import multi-page PDF documents directly into the branded template. Insert PDF from Office Expander was that solution for our sales team."
Dan Lawrence
National Marketing Manager, BluSky Restoration Contractors, LLC.

"I just wanted to thank you for making this product. It's fantastic and saved me a huge headache trying to embed about 750 pages of pdf documents into a word document for a record on appeal in a case I'm filing."
Hanna and Vlahakis Law Offices

"This is a really good add-on program. As far as I am aware, it’s one of the only ones of its kind.  I was using it to insert pdf copies of journal articles I had written which were to be part of a PhD Thesis by publication. There must be many more students like me. Your product is so affordable and such a good value."
J. Hunter

“Thank you for making such a useful product! We regularly have to scan 40 page documents to TIFFs and then insert the pages by hand into Word documents, with a lot of alignment/consistency issues that needed to be checked every time. Your program is really making us more productive and more precise! I also really like the new Scroll button, because I always forget to shrink the page and check the header before I import the PDF document. Now, that lets me move up and down the test page to make sure everything fits. It’ll be an invaluable tool.”

“The PDF inserter software has increased my productivity while maintaining quality in an important project which requires merging several PDF documents with multiple pages into a WORD document.  Special thanks to Rich, the software developer for the rapid response and customer support.”
Tina Seidel

“This program greatly fills the gaps missing in Word all these years.  Easy to use self explanatory, and great support. A much needed tool for your Word application.”
C-Quest Associates, INC

"I write a lot of research reports and Insert PDFs to Word has proven to be an easy way for me to add PDFs (copies of the survey instrument) at the end of the report.  Previously, the only way for me to do this in Word 2007 was to turn each page into a jpeg and add them to the document one at a time.  Insert PDFs works almost effortlessly: my PDF pages are the right size, requiring no reformatting.  You'll be an advocate, too, after trying the example, set up to be used after you load the software." 
University Professor

"This is amazing software: I wanted to insert 100 pages of PDFs in my report and I tried every possible way but failed: I was likely to miss my cut-off date for submission of my final report which could have resulted in a considerable financial loss to me. But finding this software on the internet made my life easy and saved me from a considerable financial loss and, above all, saved my reputation. Thank you Office Expander."
Irfan Ali

"The Insert PDF to Word was intuitive and user friendly, worked flawlessly, and they provided quick customer service when needed. Highly recommended!"
Michael S. 

"I have been using Insert_PDF since 2016 when a client requested I insert multiple page PDFs into a Word document. It was both easy to install and use. Recently, I was able to successfully create a document that is 1,000+ pages and 267+ MB in size.  In the course of creating such a large file, the support from the Office Expander staff—particularly Rich—in answering my queries has been extremely responsive and helpful. I have no hesitation in recommending this program."
Imelda Cribbin
Freelance Editor and Documentation Specialist, IPEd Member, May 2017

"Thank you so much for making this add-on product for Microsoft Word. Once I enabled the macros in Word, your software worked GREAT! I was able to embed the pdf's in our CAP report with ease. It was the BEST $9.99 I have ever spent for our office. Thanks again! "
Daniel Frederick
Architects, LLC office in Milan Ohio

"Thanks Office Expander for the Insert PDF to Word Macro. I use it regularly to import multi-page .pdf files into documents that supplement the Architectural Drawings that I produce. It was easy to download, user-friendly, the price was very affordable and the customer service is excellent. I have downloaded the product onto three computers now and will install on future machines as necessary, I depend on it. "
Tim Mosterdyke
Owner, PLANs NW

"I spent a long time looking for software that would allow be to combine a multipage pdf file into a Word file. In Word itself, I could only add either the first page of the PDF or a link to the file. Your software is a great solution - more people should know about it. I also want to mention that when I had a problem, I was very surprised by how quickly you responded and addressed my issue by phone. Thank you for your patience and support. (Note that I am not a native English speaker). "

"I have been a user of both the "EZPlot" and "Insert Pdf" add on programs for almost 10+y. I typically am looking at data sets ~1000+ rows by >20columns. The EZPlot add on for XL has made visualization of this data a less painful experience. Both are useful tools to have. What is notable more than the software, is the tremendous support I have received from Richard at Office Expander. "
I Jameel

"I've been using Insert PDF to Word for a number of years, and find it invaluable in helping to compile technical manuals on equipment we manufacture. (Embedding manuals of specific products into an overall system manual) I just updated to Word 2016, and had some problems with the installation, but these were quickly resolved with the help of the technical support from Office Expander. "

"The Insert-PDFs-to-Word tool is a simple and economical tool that makes my job easier every day! I can now easily insert multiple page pdfs into my Word documents instead of cutting and pasting them one at a time. It saves me a ton of time. Thanks!"
Ailis G.

From: https://cybertext.wordpress.com/2011/08/08/word-insert-a-multi-page-pdf/
"I read all of this and tried various options mentioned here and elsewhere before finally trying the commercial product from OfficeExpander in the August 21, 2012 post above. I have used it now as a trial and then as a paid product. Although I had trouble getting the trial to work due to macro permissions, I got around it. Once I paid for the product and downloaded it, I had no problems at all. Thanks for leading me to the product. It was worth every penny of the $10 it cost me. BTW, I do not work for the company! I work for a set of charter schools in Texas, Responsive Education Solutions. But I paid for the product personally. Thanks again. "
Terry Chaney

From: https://www.online-tech-tips.com/computer-tips/insert-pdf-into-word-document/
"There is one other commercial program that is fairly popular which will insert multi-page PDF files into a Word document without having to worry about converting to an image first called OfficeExpander. It's an add-on for Word and it will let you simply click a button, choose the PDF file and configure your options. For $10, it's not a bad option if you don't want to worry about the conversion. "

Contour Plot and Multi_Y are included with EZplot, which is more powerful than the individual programs (since everything can be done from the EZplot sheet).

“Contour Plot fills a critical gap in EXCEL by allowing irregularly-spaced data to be converted to contour plots. The user interface is simple to use. Additionally,  by having labeled isolines, the outputted graphs are superior to the standard EXCEL contour plots.”
Michael B Mackaplow

“The combination of EXCEL and Contour Plot has been a life saver for my research. It has allowed me to post process my analytical results and quickly create the temperature contour plots that I want. The fact that the Contour Plot routine can be called directly from an EXCEL Visual Basic Application makes it a very useful practical tool. Thank you Office Expander.”
N. Austin (Lanser S.A Spain)

“The contour plot add-in for Excel is wonderful. It provides the quality plots I want and saves me precious time in preparing them. The software easily downloaded to my laptop and worked like a charm. I am now using it with ease. Thanks!”
Lin Brown

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