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Some developers (but certainly not all) have found the immediate window in VBA difficult to use because:
1) the code cannot be cleared programmatically*
2) the code cannot be automatically stopped after the debug.print line (without breakpoints or other code)
3) the immediate window can have limited visibility for displaying text

To address this, we are providing the following simple code for free. A form opens that displays your desired text. There are three commands that you can put in your VBA code:

msg This CLEARS the previous text in the form, writes the new text, and STOPS the code on the next line (for review)
msg_ This will NOT CLEAR the previous text. The new text is written. The code will NOT STOP on the next line.
msg__ This will NOT CLEAR the previous text. The new text is written. The code WILL STOP on the next line.

To use this program, download the following zipped file to your desktop, and extract the folder. Open Excel -> VBA and import the following three files from the extracted folder into your Excel workbook:


For an example of running the program, go to the modTestMsg module and run testmsg.

Note: msg is short for message, a shorter form of msgbox.

*Please note that not all programmers find this to be an issue or something that is helpful. But if you do, you are free to use this code provided original credit to Office Expander ( is maintained and conveyed.

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