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Can I change the scale size on a Multy_Y plot generated with EZplot, or get more room for a plot with multiple Y axes?

>> Yes.  On the eZplot sheet, type xscale or yscale
Then set the font size of the this text (its own font size) to a desired size - preferably between 8 and 16 (smaller may be better).  Then right click and plot.

This will give you more room on the plot.  You can also do the same thing for ytitle and xtitle to change their font size (and use larger font sizes).

Can Multy_Y plots and Contour Plots be viewed on computers without EZplot installed?

>> Yes.  Any plot generated with EZplot can be viewed in Excel without EZplot installed.  However, Multy_Y plots cannot be changed without EZplot installed.

Are Office Expander downloads Digitally Signed and timestamped so that I know the files are from Office Expander?

>> Yes.

Where did it download?

>> C:\eZplot_folder.

What if I have trouble installing the software?

>> See the Setup sheet for EZplot in the file:  C:\eZplot_folder\Simple_Plotting_Example.xls

Can I run EZplot as a VBA macro?

>> Yes. The macro code to run EZplot (after EZplot is installed on your computer and an EZplot sheet is created and populated) is:

dummy_variable = Application.Run("eZplot_1.01.xla! eZplotrun")

What if I have trouble generating multiple Y axes plots from the EZplot sheet?

>> Make sure that you have indicated ymin and ymax for each of the axes.   Also pick ydiv or yinc that make sense for the ymin and ymax values used.  For example:
ymax 100  1000
ymin  0  0
ydiv 10
Not ydiv 11

Why does my Multy_Y chart appear to generate with a double image?

>> This could be due to the decimal place used in different regional settings or other factors.  Try going to your data sheet, selecting all your data, then right-click and select Format Cells, and select General.  Then try to regenerate the chart.  (Using a Number Format with decimal places could cause an issue for non-U.S. regional settings where the period is not used as the the decimal place.)

Is an uninstaller included?

>> Yes.

What if a multiple Y axis won't generate or there is an error?

>> Make sure that the Y axis min, max, and increment is set so that all the labels can fit in a vertical orientation along the Multy_Y axis. For example, if you are using Y axis values from 1,000,000 to 41,000,000 in increments of 5,000,000, then we would not expect it to work (since there is no room for all the numbers written vertically). But if the increment is 10,000,000, then it might just work (or you could divide all numbers by 1000, and list the Y axis label as being in "thousands"). It basically comes down choosing a reasonable for a scale when the numbers are written vertically.

Where do I go for more information?

>> The eZplot_Training_Manual.ppt has information and examples.

Why can't I get the program to run?

>> Make sure that you have not selected "Disable all Application Add-ins" in the Trust Center Settings for Add-ins in your version of the Office application.

Why do I get the error, "This workbook has lost its VBA project, ActiveX controls and any other programmability-related features"?

>> The error occurs because "Visual Basic for Application" was not installed during the software installation. Close Excel. In the Windows Control Panel choose Add or Remove Programs (or Programs and Features in Windows Vista or Windows 7). Select Microsoft Office then Click Change. Select Add or Remove Features then in the Office Shared Features list select Visual Basic for Applications -> Run from My Computer and then Continue. You can then run the software when you reopen Excel.

What if I have trouble installing the software (i.e., addin)?

>> Make sure that no other addin that you have installed in interfering with the software. Temporarily disable the other addin(s) and install the software.

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