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EZplot : Plotting Package and Data Calculation Tool for Excel  
EZplot® is an add-in for Excel that improves productivity by easily creating and updating many plots (50+) in seconds. Plots and calculations are defined with parameter names instead of cell locations. The user does not need to remember any commands because the user interface utilizes right-click menus to complement typed commands.

EZplot includes "Contour Plot", "Multy_Y" and many other capabilities that are not included in Excel. The Multy_Y program in EZplot  is an enhanced version that allows for interactive plotting with Multiple Y axes plots.

EZplot provides formulas for 2D interpolation, 3D interpolation, and polynomials that can be used like any other Excel formula.

Before Downloading Demo Version of EZplot for PC
Excel must have access to the Visual Basic project.  Before downloading, perform the following steps in your version of Office/Excel:

Office/Excel 2007-2016:
Microsoft Office Button -> Excel Options -> Trust Center -> Trust Center Settings -> Macro Settings -> Check Trust access to the VBA project object model

Office/Excel 2000-2003:
Tools-macro-security -> Trusted Publishers -> Check Allow access to Visual Basic Project
<--Try the Demo Version of EZplot (No time limit)

Click here to watch videos of the software online.


<--Download the EZplot_Training_Manual (contains embedded Excel examples)

 (Requires PowerPoint and Excel)



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