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Office Expander was founded by a Professional Engineer (P.E.) and a computer professor.  The EZplot® program for Excel was originally developed for a large aircraft engine manufacturer to address the enormous amount of time that engineers spent creating plots and performing data calculations.  Our mission is to significantly improve productivity by enhancing tools with which people are already familiar. 



EZplot was conceived of in 2001 as a way to improve productivity when generating many plots in Excel.  The first general release of EZplot was in 2006 for Office 2000 and Office 2003 on PC based computers.  At that time, components of EZplot called Multy_Y (Multiple Y Axes) Plot and Contour Plot began to be sold separately.  Unlike EZplot, these separate components have only limited interaction with the plots.  Multy_Y allows for creation of multiple Y axes plots (3, 4, 5,... Y axes) in Excel. It is still the only software to have this capability in Excel.

EZplot was upgraded to be compatible with the subsequent release of Office 2007.  Users noticed that the creation of multiple Y axes plots was slower than in the previous version.  Another upgrade of EZplot made the software compatible with Office 2010 and 2013, which recovered much of the speed issues of the previous version.

In , EZplot was updated for all versions of Office, and all users were provided with a free version.  Also in , the first Mac version of EZplot components Multy_Y and Contour Plot became available.  Multy_Y was released for Mac Office/Excel 2004. Contour Plot was released for Mac Office/Excel 2004 and .

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